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International trade increases in volume and complexity every year. As we move from an era of opening markets, through the depression of 2008, we find more companies requesting more protection in more countries. Trade keeps increasing but cost through compliance, duties and other barriers to trade keep adding layers that make actual trading more difficult.

XA understands these complexities and has been advising companies on how to navigate this complex terrain for years. From anti-dumping to duty removals.

From disputes with Customs to planning so these disputes can be avoided, XA understands.


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Anti-dumping case initiated on float glass from Saudi Arabia and the UAE

By |August 18th, 2018|Open ITAC cases|

The last fresh anti-dumping case was initiated in 2014 on cement from Pakistan. Since then all has been quiet on the anti-dumping front, apart from sunset reviews which happen every 5 years. Given government's protectionist leanings over the last few years, this is odd. If you were following the proceedings from the latest BRICS summit [...]

Provisional safeguard duty imposed on set screws

By |August 3rd, 2018|Uncategorized|

A provisional safeguard duty has been imposed on set screws imported under tariff subheadingĀ 7318.15.39. The safeguard duty (42.09%) came into force today, 3 August 2018. The safeguard duty is applicable to imports from all countries with the exception of developing countries specifically listed in the gazette. The duty has been imposed following an investigation initiated [...]