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International trade increases in volume and complexity every year. As we move from an era of opening markets, through the depression of 2008, we find more companies requesting more protection in more countries. Trade keeps increasing but cost through compliance, duties and other barriers to trade keep adding layers that make actual trading more difficult.

XA understands these complexities and has been advising companies on how to navigate this complex terrain for years. From anti-dumping to duty removals.

From disputes with Customs to planning so these disputes can be avoided, XA understands.


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India initiates Sunset Review on Acetone exported from South Africa

By |July 15th, 2018|Trade Policy Conversations|

On 6 July 2018 India's Department of Commerce initiated a sunset review on Acetone classifiable under tariff subheading 2914.11.00 originating in or exported from South Africa, Singapore, the European Union and the United States. This is the 2nd sunset review on this product. In the previous review the Indian manufacturers (M/s Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited HOCL) applied for [...]

Do you know about the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA)?

By |July 11th, 2018|International trade strategy, Trade Policy Conversations|

The 55 members of the African Union embarked on an ambitious project to create a single African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA). The primary objective is to create a single market. The European Union is a good example of a territory with a single market were there is free movement of goods and services. In [...]