On Friday 20 April 2018, ITAC initiated an investigation into the creation of a rebate facility for caustic soda classified under tariff subheading 2815.12 for the extraction of copper and nickel classifiable under tariff headings 2603.00 and 2604.00.

In support of its rebate application, the applicant (Rustenburg Base Metal Refiners, a division of Rustenburg Platinum Mines Limited) provided the following reasons:

  1. Key changes which have impacted their main supplier’s volumes have led to a shortfall on the company’s caustic soda requirements. The applicant is now importing caustic soda, however, it is subjected to a Customs duty of 20%, leading to unnecessary cost increases.
  2. The applicant further stated that, in addition to the caustic soda shortfall, nickel and copper are a critical part of the sustainable growth of the company.

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Interested parties have until the 18th of May 2018 to submit comments to ITAC.

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