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Customs duties are applied to imported goods at a wide variety of rates.  XA has an array of expertise within this space.

Trade Protection

Local Manufacturers can get trade protection.  Let us guide you through the process.

Trade Statistics

Stratalyze is a proprietary tool that provides you with the latest trade data at your fingertips.

About Us

International trade increases in volume and complexity every year. As we move from an era of opening markets, through the depression of 2008, we find more companies requesting more protection in more countries. Trade keeps increasing but cost through compliance, duties and other barriers to trade keep adding layers that make actual trading more difficult.

XA understands these complexities and has been advising companies on how to navigate this complex terrain for years.

From anti-dumping to duty removals. From disputes with Customs to planning so these disputes can be avoided, XA understands.


Latest Posts

Provisional anti-dumping duties imposed on pasta

Provisional anti-dumping duties were imposed on pasta, imported under tariff codes 1902.11 and 1902.19, manufactured in Egypt, Latvia, Lithuania and Turkey, on 1 April 2021 and will remain in place until 16 September 2021. If the anti-dumping investigation concludes...

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Review of the tariff structure of the poultry industry

Minister Patel has issued a directive to ITAC to review the tariff structure for poultry classifiable under tariff heading 0207.1 (all fresh and frozen chicken varieties). According to the gazette, the Minister directed ITAC to "review the entire tariff structure for...

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Request for yet more steel rebates

Steelbank Merchants requested a rebate of duty on “Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, of a width of 600 mm or more, in coils, not further worked than hot-rolled, pickled, of a thickness of 3 mm or more but less than 4,75 mm, classifiable in tariff...

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