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The reason you are reading this profile is probably because you have a problem involving international trade. Every single expert working at XA is fascinated by international trade and enjoys solving problems.

“We could open this profile document with a list of our qualifications and success stories. We could give you examples of all the achievements we had over the 12 years of our existence – and we will – but for now its more important that you understand and embrace our philosophy, as our philosophy in practice has always been a key driver of our success. ”

It all starts with our people. Not their qualifications, which you can read about in each person’s profile, but rather their real and very deep passion for what they do. Every single expert working at XA is fascinated by international trade and enjoys solving problems.

In pursuit of our philosophy we don’t only solve problems for clients when they are paying us; we simulate and model problems in our own time. We continuously research and understand the issues facing cross-border traders. Consequently we offer relevant solutions for most problems relating to goods moving across borders.

We embrace technology.  Our obsession with technology has allowed us to take on bigger, more complex projects. It has allowed us to mine data for solutions, overcoming an inherent weaknesses where the industry norm is to send out questionnaires and hope for accurate responses from people too busy with running their businesses to find time to actually respond completely and properly.

You are likely either a manufacturer facing import competition or an importer facing a problem with Customs. Maybe you are an exporter looking to exploit the opportunities in new and exciting markets? Maybe a combination of all of the above, seeking to optimise your inward and outward bound supply chain.


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