The last fresh anti-dumping case was initiated in 2014 on cement from Pakistan. Since then all has been quiet on the anti-dumping front, apart from sunset reviews which happen every 5 years. Given government’s protectionist leanings over the last few years, this is odd. If you were following the proceedings from the latest BRICS summit meeting you would be fooled into thinking that South Africa, along with the other BRICS members, were all about free trade and open markets. You would be wrong. Those comments were only directed towards the USA and their view that trade wars are good.

The float glass case

The current float glass case is interesting for a few reasons, most notably that ITAC has never initiated an anti-dumping investigation against either Saudi Arabia or the UAE. Saudi and the UAE account for 70% of the imports of float glass into South Africa (8 400 tons, out of a total 12 093 tons), with a value of these imports being R233m out of a total of R309m (76%). In other words, even though these countries account for a large percentage of the total, they are actually more expensive than the average. This is unusual in anti-dumping cases.

The case was brought by PFG Building Glass and the preliminary dumping margins published are  between 19.5% and 33.1% for Saudi and 31.6% and 82.2% for UAE.

Deadline to respond

Interested parties (importers and exporters) have until 17 September to respond. If an interested party requires more time they can file a suitably motivated request, but this must be received by ITAC before the expiry of the response period and will not be longer than 14 days.

If you require assistance in responding to this investigation, please send us an email on




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