On 22 April 2022, the International Trade Administration Commission (“ITAC”) published a gazette providing notice on limiting the investigation into the alleged dumping of tyres from China to a reasonable numbers of exporters and importers, or in short, “sampling”.

The investigation currently in progress is into the alleged dumping of new pneumatic tyres of rubber of a kind used on motor cars and on buses or lorries originating in or imported from the People’s Republic of China, initiated on 31 January of this year. For more information on this, see our previous blog post on the subject here

In response to this, ITAC received a large number of exporter and importer responses and now wish to limit its examination to a “reasonable” number of exporters and importers. This can be done under the South African Anti-Dumping Regulations, although the timing of this decision can be brought into question. ITAC has decided to limit its investigation to exporters with the highest volume of imports, and the corresponding importers working with these sampled exporters. This will affect the dumping margin which is applied to interested parties as an individual determination will no longer be done for each exporter and importer.

Affected parties have until 29 April 2022 to submit comments for consideration in ITAC’s determination, but can also apply for a seven day extension before the due date.

For help with responding or requesting an extension, contact us today at info@xa.co.za



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