This is unusual, but here is what happened. Provisional anti-dumping duties were imposed on imports from the UAE (38.1%) and Saudi Arabia (23.9%), on 22 March 2019. With the imposition of the duties, some of the imports shifted from these countries to Egypt, where Guardian Glass has a factory. The applicant in the original case is alleging the provisional anti-dumping duties are being circumvented by way of country hopping. Country hopping occurs when an exporter from one region shifts their exports to another region where they have operations.

PFG Building Glass wants the anti-dumping duties extended to also cover Egypt. Unlike a normal anti-dumping investigation, they do not have to submit fresh injury information and can instead rely on their injury investigation from the previous investigation as long as they bring the anti-circumvention review within 12 months of the duties being imposed.

Anti-circumvention reviews also allow the applicant to rely on normal value information gathered in the original investigation as long as the time limits are met.

Anti-circumvention reviews can, but don’t have to, have a preliminary phase, and it is not clear from the initiation gazette if that will apply in this case.

Interested parties have until 30 September 2019 to respond.

If you wish to respond and require assistance, please contact us on



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