On 26 July 2019, ITAC initiated an anti-dumping sunset review on wire ropes, cables  and stranded wire. The investigation was initiated following a sunset review application by Scaw South Africa.

Specific products under investigation

Products covered in the review are wire ropes and cables of a diameter exceeding 32 mm originating in or imported from the United Kingdom and Germany and on stranded wire of a diameter exceeding or equal to 12.7mm originating in or imported from the China.


Scaw alleges that the expiry of the current anti-dumping duties would likely lead to the continuation or recurrence of dumping and material injury. It is therefore requesting anti-dumping duties of:

  • 75.99% for stranded wire imported from China
  • 45.79% for wire ropes and cables imported from Germany
  • 70.54% for wire ropes and cables imported from UK

Importance of participating in the process

Anti-dumping duties remain in place for a 5 year period, prior to being reviewed. Participation by affected foreign suppliers and local importers is important as it may provide an advantage. Anti-dumping duties are calculated for each participating exporter and resulting anti-dumping duties will differ by exporter. The advantage of participating is that the overseas supplier may end up with a much lower duty or no duty at all. The downside of non-participation is that the non-participating exporters will almost certainly end up with a higher anti-dumping duty.

Submission deadline

Importers and exporters of the above mentioned products have until 2 September 2019 to make submissions to ITAC.

If this investigation affects you and your wish to respond, please mail us on info@xa.co.za



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