Each year SARS makes a number of technical amendments to the tariff book, most of which don’t have a direct duty implication but are important to take note of nevertheless. Some of this is simply housekeeping, such as the removal of rebates that haven’t been used for a long time, but some other changes should be considered quite carefully.

Structural changes to the tariff book

This is important. Once a year SARS allows companies to request changes to the tariff book to allow for better monitoring of trade statistics. There are many reasons for changing the structure to the tariff book, but often the restructuring precedes some sort of action to either change duties or investigate something like under-invoicing. This appears to be the case for a number of the tariff codes that will be changed on 1 January 2016. Please mail donald@xa.co.za to request a copy of the explanatory memorandum.

Housekeeping amendments

A number of rebate items have been deleted that were applicable to the automotive industry.  These have become redundant because the Motor Industry Development Programme (MIDP) no longer exists. A number of notes to certain rebates have been restructured to bring them in line with the rest of the tariff book. This should have no impact on the use of the rebates.



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