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Trade protection can be provided to a local manufacturer in 2 broad ways:

Increase the duties

There are 4 ways that duties can be increased, with some being easier than others. The impact is to force up the landed cost of imports.

Change the technical requirements.

There are 2 ways to change the technical requirements of imports and thus insert a barrier to trade. The impact is to either completely block imports or to make it difficult to import, thus discouraging imports.

Increasing duties

Duties can be increased in one of four ways:

Normal duty increase

This will increase the duty on the whole tariff code, for all product imported under that code, unless the goods come from a region we have a trade agreement with. Read more

Anti-dumping application

This will insert an anti-dumping duty (in addition to any normal duties) against a specific product from a specific country(s) whether trade agreements are in place or not. Read more

Countervailing application

Countervailing duties are designed to offset the effect of prohibited government subsidies.  These duties are imposed on specific products from the offending countries and are imposed in addition to any other duties that may be in place.

Safeguard application

A safeguard duty is meant to be implemented when there is a sudden surge in imports that threatens the local industry.  Safeguard duties will be imposed on top of any other duties that may exist at the time.

Reducing duties

Duties can be reuced in one of four ways:

Reduction in the normal duty

This will reduce the duty on the whole tariff code and is usually applied when there is no local manufacturer of the product attracting duty.

Rebate of duty

A rebate creates an exemption from an existing duty, usually when a product is used in a specific application that cannot be catered to by the local industry.

New shipper review

If you wish to export goods that currently attract duty, and you never exported during the investigation periodthen you can apply to have yourself exempted from the anti-dumping duties that are currently in place.

Changed circumstances review

If circumstances have changed since an anti-dumping duty was imposed, you can apply for a changed circumstances review.  This will result in your information being reassessed and, if successful, a different duty being imposed.

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