The recent political events in Zimbabwe over shadowed all news from this country in the last few weeks. While the inauguration of the new President is historic, it remains to be seen whether measures to protect its local manufacturers will continue under the new dispensation.

Statutory Instrument 64 repealed

Earlier this month the Zimbabwean authorities repealed the unpopular Statutory Instrument 64 (SI 64) together with various other SI’s covering various products on which import licenses are required. Although the SI 64 was repealed, it was immediately replaced by SI 122. SI 122, which repeals all previous SI’s that listed products requiring import licenses. Now there is a single consolidated list (SI 122).

While this makes it easier for importers and exporters to identify the list of affected products in one place, it does not remove the legal requirement to have an import license to clear the listed goods into Zimbabwe.

Products covered

The products covered under the new Statutory Instrument (122 0f 2017) range from bottled water, blankets, canned fruits and vegetables, jams, peanut butter, baked beans, coffee creamers to flat rolled steel products, second hand tyres, luggage ware, various agricultural implements, school uniforms, margarine, wheat flour, furniture, beds and fertilizers among others.

Procedures for applying for licenses clarified

The Statutory Instrument further outlines the procedures for applying for licences. Notably the requirements differ between companies and individuals. However, the cost is the same for all, which is set at $70 per licence, bearing in mind that licenses are applied for per product. This is a significant cost burden particularly for small cross border traders.

Special exemptions

Personal goods belonging to returning residents (with immigrant status), diplomats, tourists and deceased estates (or inheritance goods) are exempted from licenses on the covered products.

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Zimbabwe Import Tariff Codes and Products Requiring Import Licenses




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